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Vanity Lash Room By Luana

Lash Enhancer ( Super Bonder )

Lash Enhancer ( Super Bonder )

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INTRODUCING our long awaited Lash Enhancer for Lash Techs to slay their clients retention ūüĒ•¬†

Lash enhancer Instantly bonds adhesive fumes which results in longer lasting retention for your client! Happy client = Happy Lash Tech 

15ML Bottle to last you 6+ Months  

Works with any adhesive and is super easy to use 


To enhance and maximise your clients retention release one drop of product onto a micro wand and apply only at the base of the extensions two minutes after application

Di -water, Ethyl alcohol, Titanate L12, Alkoxysilane, Sodium gluconate 

WARNING Do not apply directly onto skin or into the eyeball. If exposed use large amounts of water to irritated area. Keep out of reach of children

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The Vanity Guarantee

We guarantee that all of our products are only made from the absolute highest qualities and materials in the market, have been trialed and tested before release, are AICIS registered and comply with all Australian health and safety standards