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Vanity Lash Room By Luana

Coloured XL Mixed Pre Made Fans Trays

Coloured XL Mixed Pre Made Fans Trays

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Let your clients enjoy a splash of COLOURED Lashes!

The wait is finally over as we produce to you a unique pre made fan that has been stained to 4 different coloures! Pink, Blue, Brown and Purple

 XL trays mean MORE  penny’s in your pocket but MORE VALUE! Exact same quality as our well reputable standard trays just Bigger with 800 FANS IN EACH TRAY

4 cents per fan 🎉

  • North Korean PBT Approved
  • Made from Premium Silk 
  • Softest & most comfortable on the eye
  • Available in 9 different sizes
  • Cruelty free
  • Single length trays 
  • Heat bonded 
  • Short stem fans 
  • Available in 0.05 & 0.07 
  • D curl Available 
  •  Sticker backing for easy tile removal  

How to pick up fans

Its super important that as a lash tech using these premium silk fans that you have the correct knowledge on how to do so. With a Sharp and tight gripped tweezer, simply line up the boot of your tweezer in the middle of the fan, pinch the tweezers together, then pull the lash in the direction away from you. Not upwards, not towards you, but so that the fan is pulling away from you. If you pick up your fan too low, or too high, this can cause the fan to snap, or not pick up correctly causing wastage. We recommend any of our tweezers from our premium tweezer range to do the job for you

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The Vanity Guarantee

We guarantee that all of our products are only made from the absolute highest qualities and materials in the market, have been trialed and tested before release, are AICIS registered and comply with all Australian health and safety standards