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Beyond the Lash - 1-1 Mentoring

Beyond the Lash - 1-1 Mentoring

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Beyond the Lash ( Best for business start up or small revamp )

6 x 1.5 hour 1 on 1 in person or Zoom sessions with Luana  

“ Beyond the Lash '' is a great workshop for artists who are looking at short term mentoring and already have an idea of what direction they would like to take their business in but require a clear execution plan and resources bank to take them over the finish line.

In this Workshop, we cover as many topics necessary to ensure that you feel confident and are making the best decisions possible to move your business to the next level. 

In this workshop you will have your own personal lash bestie to hold you accountable and to ensure that you are actually getting results throughout the 6 sessions.

Students will have the opportunity to do 6 x 1.5 hour sessions throughout a weekly or fortnightly schedule so that we can create solutions and have time to provide the results. Students can do their sessions in person on online though zoom

Total investment: $1700


Students can choose absolutely any topics that they would like mentoring on. There is no limit to how many topics chosen and there is no topic that can not be covered! 

All  sessions are strictly 1-1 based as we completely customized the sessions to you and your business requirements - No generic mentoring and no one size fits all business!

As your mentoring session approaches we will email you a questionnaire to help us understand what specific areas you would like to focus on within the session and any other questions you may have 

The purpose as to why we offer mentoring to other lash technicians that have not originally been trained by Vanity Lash Room is because we believe that everyone deserves the right to perfecting their skills! 

Examples of topics that students may want mentoring 

  • How to understand your business profit
  • How to map out your client lashes
  • How to gain and retain clients
  • How to improve your lash speed
  • How to maximize your profit as a business owner
  • How to get good retention with all clients 
  • How to create a unique approach to your target market
  • Understanding tax, registry, client legalities etc

ALL mentoring options automatically come with 

- Lifetime support 

- Exclusive student Discounts for products and services within 

- Access to private Student Training pages 

-Full Business assessment 

Luana only accepts 15 mentoring students per year to ensure complete focus and attention to detail is created to all mentoring students

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Beyond the Lash - 1-1 Mentoring
Beyond the Lash - 1-1 Mentoring
Regular price $1,299.00 AUD
Regular price $1,700.00 AUD Sale price $1,299.00 AUD
Sale Sold out