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Vanity Lash Room By Luana

14D Pre Made Fans

14D Pre Made Fans

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Introducing our MEGA VOLUME RANGE ⭐️

Material: North Korean PBT APPROVED  

- Sharp narrow stem, WIDE Top fans / PRO POINT


- Light weight 

- Heat bonded 

- Foil Backing for easy tile removal 

- 12 Rows per Tray 

- 120 Fans per tray ( 15 cents per fan ) 

- No residue from holding strip  

- Reusable Disposable tray  

- Cruelty FREE 


Pro point fans are a new obsession within the lash Industry that allows you to produce sleek and clean lash sets. Introducing this range has allowed us to create a product that is not only easy to use but manufactured  to the most highest quality to match the rest of our brand! 


1. Use your pick up tweezer to pick up the fan from the stem poking out from underneath the lash strip

2. Softly pull the stem forward from the last trip and then release your tweezers so that the fans stem is now on the lash strip 

3. Glue dip & attach to the natural lash


If you’re constantly breaking or bending your fans you are being too rough

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The Vanity Guarantee

We guarantee that all of our products are only made from the absolute highest qualities and materials in the market, have been trialed and tested before release, are AICIS registered and comply with all Australian health and safety standards