Real & Raw - Meet Luana

Real & Raw - Meet Luana

If your new here welcome 🤗
For those who don’t know me, My name is Luana! I am the director and founder of Vanity Lash Room, EST 2017 🙌🏽

A little bit about me 🥱😂
I started Vanity Lash Room in 2017 when I was tossing up between what my next move was within my career! I didn’t want to be a typical office girl that worked 9-5 ( This killed me 😂 ) I love a routine but this just wasn’t it for me!
When I continued to do my course, there were literally only 5 companies that offered training at the time and they were hellaaaa expensive compared to the saturated market of training available today!

I left my course unsatisfied & also with more questions than answers which set me back quite a bit. It was then up to me weather or not I bin the Vanity Idea or have another crack at it! I continued to do 2 more courses and started taking 2-3 clients after my full time job and slowly started to ease my way into getting my timing better & creating my own style of lashes

In 2018 I risked it for the biscuit! I quit my full time job and started working full time on my little at home business with only 10 full time clients and some causal walk ins 🥲

2018/2019 I started working at a Skin & Laser clinic renting a room out offering eyelash extensions for $150 and also worked 2 times a week at @lillycosmetic trying to build my clientele and keep me busy and fixed on my goals!

JUST as I was starting to see a client retention pattern and feeling comfortable working on my own full time, 2020 was about to bite me in the bottom and covid 19 was here 😩

When we were forced to close doors and not trade, I finally whipped out a project I was working on for around 12 months prior and launched @vanitylashroomstore!
Creating this line of personalised products was one of THE best decisions I’ve ever made! Watching it come to life was even more crazy!

I am a firm believer that you are the creator of your own reality! If you want something the only person in your way is yourself 🤗 Life will throw road blocks but it’s 100% up to you to change the outcome!

Thank you for following us, I can’t wait to lash you or for you to try our products soon 💗
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