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Vanity Lash Room By Luana



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Introducing our pro tweezer range ⭐️

NO GENERIC TWEEZER MEASUREMENTS!! The Vanity Team has created a complete customised range with specifications made to suit every day lash artists! 

With Unique Tip Widenings, Plasma “ NON Slip Grip “ Coating & lightweight steel, we guarantee that this Tweezer range is like NO OTHER in the market!

All Tweezers are made by top quality hand made Chromium Steel.

Chromium steel provides great resistance against most chemicals and also have great resistance to high temperatures and sterilising chemicals

No more tweezer burn, lose grips, small tip widenings & Rusty Tweezers! 

All tweezers are HAND TESTED before placed into packaging


Slim Grip Pick Up Tweezer 


14cm length of tweezer 
Angle: 45 degree
Tip length: 8-9mm
Tip opening: 10mm


Curved Isolation Tweezer 


9-10mm Tip widening

Non slip grip

Length: 13cm

Non slip

Easy Pick up


1 x Straight Isolation Tweezer 

9-10mm Tip widening 

Non slip Grip 

Length: 12cm

Non slip

Easy Pick up


1 x J Curved pick up Tweezer 

7mm Tip Widening

Non Slip Grip

J curved Tip 

Length: 12cm

Non slip

Easy Pick up


 1 X Volume Boot Tweezer

Tip length: 10mm

Length: 11cm

Tip widening: 7-8mm

Non slip 

Easy pick up 



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The Vanity Guarantee

We guarantee that all of our products are only made from the absolute highest qualities and materials in the market, have been trialed and tested before release, are AICIS registered and comply with all Australian health and safety standards