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Vanity Lash Room By Luana

Gel Remover Pen

Gel Remover Pen

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Our latest invention ūüß™¬†

The first ever Eyelash Extension Removal Pen 

2ml pen 

No scent 

Can be used on up to 4 clients without direct contact to the clients eyelash. Or can be used on one whole client 


1. Twist the bottom of the removal pen anticlockwise until product starts to ooze out of the brush 

2. Apply only to clients when their eye is closed 

3. Allow the gel to sit for 4-7 minutes 

4. Remove accordingly 


Triathylane alvcol mono butyl ather - 4-8%

Tripropylene glycol -butyl ether - 4/8%

Alkyl glucoside - 70%

Propylene glycol - 5-10%

Diallyldimethylammonium chloride homopolymer  3-5%

Polyacrylamide - 5-8%

Red B - 2-5 %



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